Water Meter Automation

Have you got some water meters at your home? Probably you have. How do you like to check them every month? I do not like this process because my water meters are installed in tiny dark place under the kitchen sink. Usually you should use some kind of inspection light or torch to be able to see the water meter’s values. Fortunately, my water meters have the pair of wire allowing to read the data remotely. The principle is very simple: each water meter has the reed switch inside which is short when the last digit goes through 0 to 3 and is “open” otherwise. This kind of water meter can be connected to the simple controller to count the amount of the water that have gone through the tube.
For convenience, it would be nice to see the water meter data through the Internet by using web server or Blynk and receive the e-mail notifications periodically. For this we can use esp8266 IOT controller!
In this guide we will build the two layer automation system: first layer is a battery powered controller that counts the water usage and the second layer is a IOT controller witch receives the messages from layer one controller and interacts with a user via web, Blynk and e-mail.
The project is based on arduino IDE, esp8266 micro controller and atmega328p-pu micro controller.”


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