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Long term dust monitoring system

Monitor the surrounding dust and large particle (>0.5µm) for long time using Blynk IOT and plot the data for further research.

In this project I have made a IOT based Dust density monitor which can measure the surrounding dust and send the data through internet and I can graphically monitor the long term value of the dust density in a place. This can helps to make future project like improving the air pollution and many other projects.

Sharp gp2y1014au0f is a particulate sensor uses an IR LED and when the particle in the air enters into the sensor the light bounce off towards a photo-detector. This technique is called laser scattering. The intensity of the scattered(Bounced) light depends on the dust particles. The more the dust particle the grater the bouncing or scattering happens. This intensity change of light on the photo detector changes the output voltage of the sensor. And we can read the output voltage and measure the dust density on the air.

I get the sensor as a kit. The kit includes:

1x GP2Y1014AU0F sensor
1 x 6-pin pig-tail cable for interfacing with the sensor easily
1 x 150 ohm resistor
1 x 220uF capacitor”

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