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As most do, I love having plants around the house. Unfortunately, they almost always end up dying within a couple of weeks. So when at the end of my first year as a student at MCT at Howest I was tasked with creating a project that would show everything I learned so far, I wanted to make something that would reduce the number of dead plants around the house. And so Plant’m was born.
I looked back to my previous plants and tried to think of the various reasons they didn’t survive. Mostly this was because I forgot to water them, watered them too much, or never let them see the light of day. That’s where Plant’m steps in and takes care of these things for you.


Raspberry pi 4 + GPIO breakout
SD card 16 GB or more
Liquid level sensor
Soil moisture sensor
Transistor (BC337)
Water pump
LED strip
Breadboard + power supply
LCD display
A lot of jumper cables both male-male and female-male

Old wine crates
Old desklamp
Screws and bolts
Glue and tape”

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