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GOOB - a Smart Alarm Clock

GOOB is an acronym for “Get Out Of Bed”, a well fitting name for my project. I wanted to create a device that can help waking me up in the morning since it isn’t the easiest task. The main idea is that the alarm clock doesn’t stop the alarm before you get out of bed and stay out of bed for more than some minutes. I also wanted to add some other benefits like a night light with wake up function and a wireless charger. So let’s get right to the build !
Supplies:These are the components you would need.
1.Coppertape (Aliexpress)
2.ESP32 X 1 (Aliexpress)
3.IR distance sensor Sharp 2y0A21 X 1(Aliexpress)
4.Resistors and other small components
4a. 2K resistor
4b. 1Kresistor
4c. cabels
5.Wireless charger (Aliexpress)
6.Button X 1
7.TIP120 X 1 (Aliexpress)
8.LCD X 1 (Aliexpress)
9.Ledstrip (Aliexpress)
10.Potentiometer X 1
11.Buzzer X 1
12. MCP 3008 X 1 (Amazon)
13. SN74HC595N X 1
14. PCB (for soldering onto)
15.RaspberryPI X 1
16.Wood (min 25X70 cm)
17.Sticker tape (exterior)
18.Wireless dongle (Amazon)
the total price of all the components should be between 90 and 170 euro (depends on if you have time or not (aliexpress))”

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