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I’ve always been a fan of light panels, at least ever since I first saw Nanoleaf’s products. My apartment has slanted walls, and it’s always been an issue to light it properly. Nanoleaf light panels got the job done, but one place left without proper lighting: kid’s bed, right underneath a slanted wall.

At first I figured I’d just pay up and buy more light panels. But she’s such a big fan of butterflies - already had tons of stickers on that wall. Then it struck me: I could make her a butterfly-shaped light panel to serve as a night light. So, here goes.

TL;DR: source files and some hi-res images can be found in the following GitHub repositories:

Full bill of materials, with prices (in PLN, sorry), is attached. It includes full BOM for PCB, including LCSC part numbers, estimated prices, etc.

In addition to the PCB and its components, you’ll need:

- 3D printed frame
- 3D printed case for controller
- plexi, 3 mm thick, white (laser cut is best)
- plexi, 2 mm thick, frosted (laser cut is best)
- plexi, 3 mm thick, black (laser cut is best)
- 5V 8A power supply with 2.1 mm DC jack plug
- WS2813 LED strip, 144 LED/m (different LED models can be used as well)
- Conductive PET sheet:
- 4x1 Goldpin header
- DC barrel jack socket, 2.1 mm
- (optional) TE-Connectivity 1-1954289-2 connectors:
- some baking paper
- lots of wires, including 22AWG or similar
- general purpose glue
I estimate total cost of materials above to ~$110 USD, with the current exchange rate.”

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