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Valden: Heat Pump Controller

The Valden Heat Pump controller is an open source platform to precisely control heat pumps. This controller can be used for the automation of newly built Heat Pumps (HPs), as a repair controller for old systems or as control system for performing experiments on refrigeration equipment.
- 12V 0.5A DC power supply,
- 230V output,
-4 16A relays: Compressor, Hot Circulating Pump (CP) or Air Fan, Cold CP or Air Fan, Crankcase Heater,
- 2 inputs: Hot and cold side refrigerant over/under pressure NC sensors,
- up to 12 temperature (T) sensors, -55..+125 C range,
- Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) supported, 6 pin EEV connection: 4 * coils + 2 * 12V,
- automatically turns on/of system when heating required,
- automatic power saving mode,
- built-in protections: cold start, overheat, short-term power loss, power overload, ground loop freeze, compressor protection against liquid and other, - LED indication, - control via remote display or local Serial (UART 5V).
Refrigeration schemes supported:
- Heat Pump (HP) with Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV),
- HP with capillary tube or TXV,
- EEV-only controller.”

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