433MHz temperature and humidity sensor receiver that integrates with home automation systems.

This program can read data from cheap 433 MHz wireless temperature and humidity sensors and integrate with home automation systems using MQTT broker. It was designed to work with popular ARM boards like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and many others. Home Assistant MQTT sensor discovery is available.

To make it working you need only one external component – 433 MHz receiver. It have to be connected to one of the I/O pin, the program can decode directly data from sensors without any third party additional components. It supports Nexus sensor protocol which is implemented in many cheap sensors.

- Works on popular ARM Linux boards
- Only 1 EUR external part required
- Supports 5 EUR cheap Temperature and Humidity sensors
- Tracks sensor connection quality
- Reports sensor online and offline status
- Seamless integration with Home Assistant
- Easy integration with MQTT home automation systems
- Many configuration options

- Home automation
- Temperature monitoring
- 433 MHz to MQTT gateway
- 433 MHz sensor diagnostics”


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