Design and build a system to monitor the status of your crops using the Netduino 3 WiFi.

In Colombia, and the world at large, there is an urgent need to obtain renewable energy resources as ecosystems due to climate change have been affected.

Here is a clear example of the events that can occur due to a lack of renewable alternatives:

During the Cesar Gaviria governmental administration (1992), Colombia suffered energy rationing as the result of a drought. The reservoirs used for the generation of electricity depleted; the phenomenon affected us and left us in a position that, although it was believed that the system was prepared to support it, still the generation of energy was very affected. The constant cuts of the energy supply had affected productive sectors (commercial, industrial), educational and home. In some homes, performance is very restricted (lighting, ventilation, cooling) due to the lack of this fluid, affecting its inhabitants. The high temperatures of the town, make it mandatory to have at least in each house: two fans, a refrigerator, plus lighting during the night. The company providing this service does not provide enough energy as our society needs.

In addition to this, drought leads to millions of crop losses on our farms

Due to the aforementioned problems, adding millions of dollars, structural losses in agronomy and scarcity due to effects of nature that could have been avoided, the urgent need arose to find alternatives to prevent and diagnose our crops.”


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