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Rack and pinion steering for your xbox controller. 100 degrees of rotation. Enjoy finer control in racing games.

*** Update : The frames and rack have been offset to minimize the obstruction of the “X” button [clutch in some games] while doing a hard right turn. The wheels now have stronger sections where they meet the bearing.
Added a stem file for custom wheels. If you make one 8mm larger [than stock wheel] in diameter it will crash into the pivot top. A new low profile pivot is in the works.


Is there a xbox 360 version?
Not yet. With all of the requests there has to be someone working on it. If you are that guy/girl please chime in and give the 360 users some hope.

Is there a PS4 version?

If you want a wheel but don’t have access to a 3D printer I’ll have a solution soon. Once the prototype comes back and is test driven a new file will be added. I would rather have a 3d printing service bureau make a little profit over those on Etsy who disregard the non-commercial license.

What you need:
22mm diameter bearing, 7mm thick, 8mm center. Get one from that dusty fidget spinner you have laying around…also skateboards

I imagine most people will want a custom wheel for their hand size/play style. It will be interesting to see what you guys come up with.

It’s going to feel strange in the beginning because you probably have hundreds of hours driving with just the stick. Give it time to create new muscle memory.

project cars 2 settings:
steering deadzone 0
steering sensitivity 53
speed sensitivity 70
controller damping 3 (default=90[?] this made a world of difference)

*A bonus for those that read this far: If you have an idea for a custom wheel send me a direct message with some details. Cool designs will be added so anyone can try them out and it will be named after your tag.

WARNING Over time the frame will scuff the controller body. Adhesive felt on the underside of the frame might help.”

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