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This is a modular hobby servo Linear Actuator joint assembly. It is part of the Tiny_CNC_Collection of parts designed to facilitate entry into robot building fun!

All parts print without supports or post processing! Everything can be assembled with a screwdriver and single type of screw. See photos for assembly directions.

Specs: Repeatable no load motion control = +/- 0.076mm (.003”) up to 100g before position control affected. Travel limit is 80mm (3.14”).

Enjoy this work? There are many more modules to come!
Please take a moment to check out the plan for the whole collection and leave feedback!
Required Hardware Servo:
Recommended Material:
*Can be printed in any material as long as all parts are the same material.
Also a blog article about how to design parts for assembly:

Note 1: Included are STEP files so you can further modify these to your needs. Please enjoy these files and use them as you wish while respecting the sharing license.
*Note 2: If you do print these out snap a pic and share your make! I’d love to see how these designs are being put to use.

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