This is the 3D printed Robotic arm that I designed.
The goal was to make a robot that was both easy to build and easy to control. If you are interested in buying a kit for this robot you can pre-order one at my site
The robot can be controlled by any means but it is designed to use the Esp32 and a custom breakout board. I’ll release the designs then they are finalized. With this breakout board, the arm can be controlled and trained via any device via wifi. This is also available on my site.
It is a 4 axis arm with a claw. It uses MG996/MG995 servos for 3 of the axis and MG90s for the claw and “wrist”.
All of the pieces can be 3d printed.
The 3D models in stl format can be downloaded free of charge at Thingiverse:
Here are some videos of the robot:

Web Interface:

Handling a Ball:

Parts list:
3 x MG996r
2 x MG90s
3D Printed Parts:
1 x Base_with_adjusted_holes.stl
1 x turntable_ring.stl
1 x turntable.stl
1 x first_arm.stl
1 x second_arm.stl
1 x third_arm_base.stl
1 x claw_gear_horn.stl
1 x claw_gear.stl
2 x paralel_arm.stl
2 x claw_finger.stl
2 x cap.stl (optional)
2 x pipe_stand.stl (optional)
1 x ball.stl (optional)
20 x #63/4 wood screw_
_4 x #4
3/4 sheet metal screw

7 x #4*3/8 sheet metal screw
Zip Ties
Spiral Wire Wrap
Electrical tape
The arm can be controlled in many different ways. I’ve developed a breakout board for the ESP32 that allows you to control and train it from any wifi device: laptop, tablet, smartphone.”


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