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LED Strip Atari Pong Arcade Machine

My name is Gabriel Podevin and this is my very first intructable. I am currently a 16 year old high school student who loves creating and building things while being very interested electronics, robotics, circuitry, and programming. I hope you can find this intructable find this helpful.
In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a retro styled Atari Pong Game inside a retro arcade case. You can see the above video for a demo of the project, you can also see the finished project and the case alone and in the two pictures. At the end of this intructable i will be diving deeper into the code and how to edit it to personalize it.
The basic part list will be divided in the sections: Tools, assembly parts and components
The tools that you will need will include the following:
- Drill
- Soldering Iron
- Screw driver ( matching the screws you decide to use )
- Multi Meter
- circulating saw, band saw, or laser cutter is you have access to one
-Wire cutter or scissors
- Glue gun
Parts that you will need for assembly will include
- Wood glue
- 10 one inch by one inch blocks of wood
- large sheet of quarter inch ply wood or wood of choice
- 24 screws half inch in length
- 14 x 6.5 inches of led diffusing plastic (optional)
- red and blue electrical tape
The components that you will require are:
- 2 100k ohm potentiometers
- 8 meters of individually addressable Led strip (30 leds per Meter)
- several meters of wire or multiple colors of wire
- ac to dc power adapter that outputs 6v through a barrel jack plug
- 1 arduino Uno R3
if you don’t have access to a Arduino Uno R3 like myself you can build one like the one i will be using in this project which uses a atmel328-pu processor. Follow this link to learn how to build your own
If your are using an arduino uno continue on to step one.”

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