Control your home, your robot arm, your Dalek, do some gaming, have a simple sport helper and an elderly safety guard in a versatile device!

In the past I made a couple of projects that worked great, but could have more use with a remote controller. I could have used just my phone as a remote controller, but as an experiment I built a cool and expandable device to do just that.

The project will cover how I built the hardware and what you’ll need to do to reproduce it. I’ll also explain how the software works and what functions it does have at the moment.

Originally I planned on controlling just some of my devices at home: the magnetic hidden door lock, the LED lights above the kitchen sink, the irrigation system of my mimosa plant, and maybe remotely controlling my robot arm. For these functions the required hardware is a fast, battery-powered microcontroller, a display, an accelerometer, and some buttons.

I realized that this setup is capable of more, so I also added some new features to the list: fall detection with emergency email sending, pedometer, jump counter (similarly to one of my previous projects but this time with a different sensor), a Dalek, and of course a games hub.”


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