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Sofar2mqtt - Remote Control for Sofar Solar Inverters

A smart home interface for Sofar solar and battery inverters.
Supported models:ME3000SP and HYD-xx00

Sofar2mqtt is a remote control interface for Sofar solar and battery inverters. It allows remote control of the inverter and reports the invertor status, power usage, battery state etc for integration with smart home systems such as Open Energy Monitor, Home Assistant and Node-Red.

As a prerequisite, you will need to be running an MQTT broker on your network. A Step 10 details the options for this.
For read only mode, it will send inverter status messages via MQTT with the inverter in any run mode.
To control the inverter, place it in passive mode and send messages to sofar2mqtt/set.
It runs on an ESP8266 microcontroller with a TTL to RS485 module such as MAX485 or MAX3485.
Designed to work with TTL modules with or without the DR and RE flow control pins. If your TTL module does not have these pins then just ignore the wire from D5.

ESP8266 Microcontroller
MAX485 or MAX3485 TTL to RS485 board
Wemos 64x48 OLED Screen (optional)
A small project board
A few wires and a little solder
There are several TTL to RS485 boards available that will work. Some work at 3.3v just like the ESP8366 and may be preferable to the one used here, which prefers 5v logic but is tolerant of 3.3v and is generally cheaper and more widely available. Also, some boards do not have DR and RE flow control pins. This project has been tested with these and they work, so just skip the wire from pin D5 in the wiring diagram below.”

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