nRF52832 ECG fitness tracker hacked into EEG glasses using Arduino code + detect concentration/relaxation with neural network web app

The B20 Fitness Tracker contains an ADS1292 bioimpedance sensor which can be used for simple ECG, EMG and EEG sensing. It also contains a nRF52832 ARM Cortex M4 processor which can easily be programmed with Arduino. With Bluetooth, OLED display, accelerometer, optical HR sensor and vibration motor - all for $35 in a miniaturized form factor - it is a pretty extraordinary prototyping platform for simple ECG/EMG/EEG projects.

A few months ago I ran a workshop on hacking the Neurosky/Mattel Mindflex EEG headset. Despite being a super famous hack, the core “concentration” detection feature is still a black box after all these years! I decided to replicate this functionality with the B20. I built some EEG glasses and a Web Bluetooth application which can visualize data from the device and train exportable standalone neural networks for detecting brain states Mindflex style and general human-computer interfacing.”


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