It’s night-time and you’re on your desk, burning the midnight oil to finish off with your project which is due the next day. There are tons of things left to do and it seems to be taking forever to finish! Only if you had more than two hands!Psst. What if you were told that it is now possible for you to have more than two hands? What if you were told that there exists ‘something’ that could grab stuff for you and hand it over to you while you carry on with your work?
Behold the Pick-and-Place Robotic Arm!

This robotic arm is a four degree of freedom robotic arm capable of picking and placing small objects. With medium-sized links, the robotic arm can fit perfectly on your tabletop, use the clip to attach it to your table. With its help, you can reach to places ‘never explored’ on your table and get hold of things without moving an inch.
Ready to get your work done in a jiffy? Then get rollin’!”


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