Stereo Vision on Netduino

Managing two cameras to calculate a depth map using a Netduino board and C#.

Stereo vision has been one of the most complicated and resource intense process’s to extract 3D information. The Netduino 3 Ethernet board, equipped with a Cortex-M4 168 Mhz microprocessor, is capable of intense execution for small amounts of image data.

The board also comes with 4 UART ports ready for use and is perfect for serial communication cameras.

We were able to support the OV528 protocol to communicate with two serial cameras and acquire two continuous photos of still objects. In the near future we will apply one of the stereo vision algorithms to extract the 3D information out of the acquired images.

This system is split into two parts: Part one of the project will mange the hardware and acquire the stereo images on demand, and part two of the project will then calculate internally the 3D coordinates of the object snapped.”


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