DIY Bluetooth Speaker From Old Jeans and Pallet Wood

When creating this instructable, my main aim was to create such guide, which will allow everyone to receive final product, which will look like a factory made one no rough edges, dangling wires and glue blobs around, and I have made it! People who see this speaker for the first time are asking where you get it, how much does it costs? Moreover, when I show them photos of the making in the process, they feel quite shocked. Therefore, in this guide, I will explain how to make very cool looking (and sounding too) Bluetooth speaker using old jeans, pallet wood and other non-expensive materials. Note: While I have used a $10K CNC for making some parts, you do not need it at all, you will get exact same look and sound by just using simple hand drill, and I will show you how. No advanced woodworking or electronics skills are required. Everything is plain and simple. All you will need is A LOT OF PATIENCE, because wood glue dries slowly, and if you touch it before it is completely dry, you will ruin your project.”


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