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Make a Smart Zigbee Connected Home Sensor Hub

Make a wooden smart clock with Zigbee feature to monitor the environment of your home.

Initially, I wanted to monitor the environment in another room by means of a Zigbee device collecting temperature and humidity data from a Thunderboard. I needed a screen to display the sensor data, but I didn’t want to use a developer board, so I decided to design a beautiful enclosure and create an exquisite product.

After considering a variety of enclosures, I decided to design a fine, clock-like wooden device for a nightstand or desk that would function as a smart alarm clock and display sensor data. The design would look like the figure below.

The device would show the time of day but also be able to display temperature or humidity as needed. I also wanted to add some fun and practical features. The device needed to be connected to the Cloud, which meant I needed to add a Wi-Fi module. I wanted the clock to have weather forecast reception capability, broadcast and alarm feature, so a speaker is needed.

The home sensor hub component structure graphic below is based on these required features, and I decided to call this Connected Home Sensor Hub the “iBox””

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