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DIY Smart Bluetooth Speakers With Spectrum Analyser

In this instructable, I would like to explain how to build a powerful smart Bluetooth speaker in a very simple way. The radios made a revolution in the 20th century every NEWS including war alerts were sent through the radio communication only. But the due to the use vacuum tubes during those days, size of radios were very big and most of them are packaged in a huge cuboidal box with 2 speakers. In this instructable, I’ve tried to give the retro look to my smart speaker. It has following features,1. OLED display to show Date, Time, Day, Humidity & Temperature2. Spectrum analyser to visualise the Music frequency Spectrum3. Powerful sound output with around 10 hours of battery life4. AUX input5. TP4056 controlled charging unit6. Bluetooth connectivity using F6188 Module7. Hands-free mode to receive calls via BluetoothFeatures are cool, so let’s make one…”

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