There isn’t a single audiophile or a gamer who doesn’t feel the necessity of wireless headphones, speakers etc. or simply, of wireless audio transmission. I also dislike the hassle my wired headphones present while trying to watch from a distance and this led to the inception of BluFi.

This adapter, BluFi, converts any audio accessory into a wireless audio accessory. Since it has an in-built TRS female jack, therefore any audio accessory having a male TRS/TRRS jack can be easily plugged into it for bluetooth audio reception. For instance, your wired headphones can be made wireless by simple plugging its audio jack into the adapter and then pairing the adapter with the phone.

BluFi is based on XS3868 module which is powered by a 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery therefore you won’ t have to worry about exchanging the batteries. It also contains a Female USB 5V DC output socket for powering any USB speakers directly through it. The TP4056 charging module has also been integrated into it for hassle-free and quick charging through our familiar Android smartphone chargers(USB-C port).

The reason why I preferred an adapter to integrating it into audio accessories is because this way, our expensive audio accessories won’t be tampered with. I also needed something to convert my car’s speakers to Bluetooth without any modification to the car(because I wasn’t allowed to do so) and that’s how BluFi came into being. Additionally, BluFi, being an adapter, is portable and much more compact.”


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