IoT enabled rabbit feeder, automatic and controllable via Internet.

Github repository:

Idea and motivation

The main idea was to be able to feed these two little rascals even when I’m not at home. Twice a day, a small quantity at breakfast and a bigger one for dinner (non-spoiled rabbits are supposed to eat timothy during the day when they are not sleeping). I would like to also measure the temperature in case it gets too hot, since rabbits don’t do well on hot weather.

The feeder will wake up each 15 minutes, send the temperature and humidity to a server and check if it’s time to feed the monsters. It’s as autonomous as possible (it will feed them if it’s time, even if there’s no internet connection). The feeder will notify if there’s a problem with the temperature and humidity readings or if it’s jammed. It could receive a command to dispense extra food even if it’s not the time to.”


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