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Alarm Keypad MQTT ESP8266

In this Instructable I show you how I made a battery powered keypad to enable and disable my home alarm. In the future I plan to make an improved one which has a RFID reader included and which is not battery powered. Also I plan to read a keypad via a I2C chip, since my current setup used most of the exposed GPIO pins of my ESP8266 module (ESP12F).
The enclosure is 3D printed. It has an on/off power switch and a WS2812b indicator LED. It communicates via MQTT and has a webinterface for viewing the status and to update the firmware
Supplies:I bought my components at Aliexpress
16 keys keypad: link
ESP12F module: link
LiPo battery: link
Pogo pins for uploading: link
breakout board for uploading: link”

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