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ArduBand - Save Your Eyes!

Hi, in the current situation many people work at home, which is why we spend much more time in front of computers or smartphones. Sometimes we can sit before the display for several hours, destroying our eyes and curving our backs. We could use a device reminding us of taking a short break to move and give a moment of respite to our eyes. This is how arduBand works, and now I will show you how to build it.

Arduino Nano
Charging Module
2x 10uF Capacitor
5x 100nF Capacitor
2x 20pF Capacitor
2x 1uF Capacitor
3v3 Regulator - MCP1700T
WS2128 LED
N-Mosfet IRML2502
2x 1kOhm Resistor
10kOhm Resistor”

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