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Browser Interface ATTiny Fuse Editor

This instructable is for a ATTiny fuse editor using an ESP8266 and a browser based user interface.This makes changing any of the settings controlled by the 2 fuse bytes a very simple activity.

The device has the following features:
- Web server supporting reading and writing fuse data and an editor page giving easy access to fuse options
- USB powered with internal 12V generator for high voltage programming
- Header pin interface with the 7 wires needed to connect to an ATTiny module
- Wifi network configuratio using wifiManager Access point
- Browser access to the ESP8266 SPIFFS filing system for updating web files
- OTA update of the ESP8266 firmware


- ESP-12F module
- 5V to 12V boost module
- micro USB socket with solderable connector
- 220uF Tantalum capacitor
- xc6203 3.3V LDO regulator
- MOSFET transistors 2x n channel AO3400 1 x p-channel AO3401
- Resistors 2 x 4k7 1x 100k 1x 1K 1x 1R2
- 7 pin header block
- Small piece of breadboard for support circuitry
- hook up wire
- Enclosure ( I used a 3D printed box at


- Fine point soldering iron
- Tweezers
- Wire cutters”

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