Easy Start into the World of IoT with MQTT

MQTT is a messaging protocol for the IoT. In this example, we show how quickly you can get up and running without a single line of code!

The Internet of Things is getting everywhere - so more important it is to understand the principals behind. In this example we show how easy everybody can build its own ideas for the digital world based on open standards like Arduino, MQTT, Node-RED… in a simple and easy “visual” coding. You will not type any line of code - but of course you can modify later on the generated sketch as you want.


Let’s get started: All you need is to down load the “IoT Werkstatt” package in the link which includes a portable version of Arduino 1.8.5, all needed libraries and more important the Ardublock - where we created “superblocks” for the IoT for.

Next you should have Raspberry Pi with the Node-RED (pre-insatalled) up and running - only thing you need to add we do need a https://mosquitto.org MQTT broker installed (just google for a tutorial).

All done?

Lets build the data flow from sensors to a graphical dashboard using MQTT as the data transport layer.”


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