The Arduino team has been working hard to support the needs of our professional developer community. Many of you requested a way to use our tools in Makefiles, and wanted Arduino IDE features available via a fast, clean command line interface. How cool would it be to install project dependencies with:

arduino-cli lib install “WiFi101” “WiFi101OTA”
So that’s what we’ve done! To make it even cooler, most Arduino CLI commands have the option to output JSON for easy parsing by other programs:

arduino-cli —format json lib search wifinina | jq
“libraries”: [
“Name”: “WiFiNINA”,
“Author”: “Arduino”,
“Maintainer”: “Arduino [email protected]“,
“Sentence”: “Enables network connection (local and Internet) with the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino MKR VIDOR 4000 and Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2.”,
“Paragraph”: “With this library you can instantiate Servers, Clients and send/receive UDP packets through WiFi. The board can connect either to open or encrypted networks (WEP, WPA). The IP address can be assigned statically or through a DHCP. The library can also manage DNS.”,
“Website”: “”,
“Category”: “Communication”,
“Architectures”: [
“types”: [
“releases”: {
“1.0.0”: {
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“resource”: {
URL”: “”,
“ArchiveFileName”: “”,
“Checksum”: “SHA-256:79f133fedf86411ca7add773a4293137dec057a3b8f1a7904db2d444ed8f4246”,
“Size”: 65651,
“CachePath”: “libraries”
“Folder”: null,
“SrcFolder”: null,
“UtilityFolder”: null,
“Layout”: 0,
“RealName”: “”,
“DotALinkage”: false,
“Precompiled”: false,
“LDflags”: “”,
“IsLegacy”: false,
“Version”: “”,
“License”: “”,
“Properties”: null
The other big news is you can run Arduino CLI on both ARM and Intel (x86, x86_64) architectures. This means you can install Arduino CLI on a Raspberry Pi or on your servers, and use it to compile Sketches targeting the board of your choice (Don’t forget you can also remotely manage your Linux device with Arduino Create Device Manager!)”


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