LEDs are designed to emit light, but they also make surprisingly capable sensors. Using only an Arduino UNO, an LED and a resistor, we will build a hot LED anemometer that measures wind speed, and turns off the LED for 2 seconds when it detects you are blowing on it. You can use this to make breath controlled interfaces, or even an electronic candle that you can blow out!
An Arduino UNO (with USB cable to connect to your computer)
A 1/4W 220 ohm resistor (https://www.amazon.com/Projects-25EP514220R-220-Re…)
A pre-wired, 0402 yellow LED (https://www.amazon.com/Lighthouse-LEDs-Angle-Pre-W…)
Breakaway header (https://www.amazon.com/SamIdea-15-Pack-Straight-Co…)
You will also need:
A computer to run the Arduino environment
Basic soldering equipment/skills”


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