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If you have kids, you are likely facing the same issues as we did with the Lego sets you bought for them. They assemble and play with them but after a while the sets transform into a single pile of bricks. The kids grow up and you don’t know what to do with this pile.

We decided to recycle the unwanted Lego bricks and created an arcade game.

This step by step guide is a result of several months of work to make the game repeatable and very low cost. Pretty much anyone could repeat this project! The code has been written in such a way that it doesn’t have dependencies and will compile on any Arduino board. And of course the games have been intensively tested by our kids :-)

How is this game different from many others that have been published before?

First of all, there are 5 games built into it:

Memory game (“Simon-Says”-like, similar to Touch Me game)
Reaction game (similar to Whack-a-Mole game)
Contest/competition game (for 2-4 players)
Melody game (push and play free mode for toddlers and smaller ones)
War game (for 2-4 adults)
Secondly, it has a great design (from our perspective) and can be easily repeated.

And thirdly, it is earth-friendly because it allows you to recycle the plastic.

At the end of this guide there is also a step-by-step video in case you prefer the video format.”

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