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This project was a special gift to my son Eyal, for the birth of his younger brother Itamar.
It basically lets you play four games:
Simon game Reaction time game Free play (baby-mode) Music mode - plays the Super Mario brothers, by Reyboz (Thanks!)The hardware was heavily influenced by the AWESOME LenkaDesign instructable
The code except tone_functions.h was written by myself and the Game Box was assembled and wired with the wonderful help of Shani Spivak, thanks!

Rotary tool kit
Hot glue and glue gun
Solder wire and solder iron
Material\ Screws:
4 “L” Brackets (15 mm)
8 screws and nuts M4 x 10 (for brackets)
4 long standoffs M3 x 30
4 long screws M3 x 50
18 short M3 x 12mm screws and washers (example)
4 short standoffs M3 x 12 mm
2m Ethernet cable to be stripped for wires
0.5m Mini-USB cable to be cut.
1 x variable resistor (50 - 1M Ohm)
1 x 1k Ohm, 4 x 10k, 4 x 100 Ohm resistors
2 18650 cells from old laptop
2-pin battery terminals $2.91/10 pcs
Breadboard for nano (cut to 83 x 37 mm)
1602 LCD + I2C module - $1.78
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow huge momentary buttons - $1.56 each
White and black regular sized momentary buttons - $0.42 each
Large rocker switch - $0.55
Micro usb breakout - $0.22
TP4056 Battery charging controller - $0.35
Dual battery case - $1.18
5V Voltage booster - $0.39
Two 7030 TV speakers - 5W 4 - $1.97 each
Arduino nano compatible - $3.73
Printable Vinyl sheets for decoration (Optional)
Total about $19.8 if I got it right.
You’re all set!”

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