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Arduino Battleship Game

I remember playing a paper and pencil version of the Battleship Game as a kid. In fact, it has been around since about World War 1. I also had an electronic variant in the early 1960s called Sonar Sub Hunt that had lights and sounds and hidden mines. By todays video game standards Battleship is pretty boring but I thought I would make one anyway just to see what the grandkids thought about it. After all, sometimes retro can be cool.
There are bits and pieces of this project that would be useful elsewhere even if you arent interested in making the Battleship game. It has a simple 4-bit 1602 LCD interface that includes a routine for setting a specific character location. There is also an interface for decoding a 4x4 switch matrix. These two interfaces are available as separate include files so they are easily transportable. The game also has various sound effect routines and a simple one-transistor audio amplifier circuit.”

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