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Marduino Party 1

This is a fun family game that up to 3 can play with only one phone. It is semi analogous to Mario Party, as each “die roll” counts as a “star” in the actual game. Coins are represented by points, and points are gained by playing a mini game in between each round. This project communicates over Bluetooth so it can be played anywhere, regardless of a WiFi connection. The LCD displays important information such as points and the next instruction. The die rolls from a 1 - 3 and then the player piece moves accordingly. Once the piece gets all around the board, i.e. 30 spaces, or 180 degrees, the game ends. Points don’t mean much right now, but this game could be expanded to include a reward for points earned. And don’t worry! It is truly random, as the random seed is based off of voltage noise from the A0 pin. There are three servos on the board, and they only activate if there are enough players, i.e. if there are only two people playing, two servos will be active. There are indicator LEDs under each servo so you know whose turn it is to do what.”

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