Nucleo Guitar Effects Pedal

Playing an instrument like the electric guitar requires a lot of time to practice and improve your playing skills. Certain styles of playing requires specifc effects. To achieve this guitarists use effect units which are commonly known as effects pedals. An effect pedal is an electronic device that uses the output signal from the guitar pick-up as input and changes the signal by applying signal processing techniques to create an altered output signal. These pedals come in various price ranges, but it does not oer the guitarist the possibility to create his own effects by reprogramming the effects pedal or using a custom effect. With the advancement in digital signal processors and the improvement in the field of music and electronics, it has become possible to create a multi-effects pedal capable of processing audio in real time. The primary aim of this project is to design and construct a multi-effects pedal that can be reprogrammed for the electric guitar. The multi-effects pedal and guitar should be able to be reprogrammed using a computer or function without any other external accessories when just practicing. This functionality is important for the guitarist.”


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