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30 Years Ago: Voyager 2’s Historic Neptune Flyby

Arduino Air Quality Monitor with DSM501A Sensor V

Arduino Robot With PS2 Controller (PlayStation 2 Joystick) V

Artificial Muscles Bloom, Dance, and Wave V

Bell Autonomous Pod Transport 70 Achieves First Autonomous Flight V

Building an Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Board V

Campable - the Internet of Tents! V

Coating developed by Stanford researchers brings lithium metal battery closer to reality

Cray Announces Third Exascale Supercomputer Win

Detraction-free light-matter interaction

Energy-efficient power electronics – gallium oxide power transistors with record values

Engineers make transistors and electronic devices entirely from thread

Enhancing Materials for Hi-Res Patterning to Advance Microelectronics

ESP8266 Based Multisensor

First report of superconductivity in a nickel oxide material V

Fraunhofer is helping speed up development of fiber-reinforced plastic components

FS-Touch Bed Levelling Tool V


Getting Started with the New ATtiny Chips

How to Make an Ultrasonic Levitator Using Arduino V

Inspired from nature – robots can now learn to swarm on the go

Intel Ships First 10nm Agilex FPGAs

Isolated High Power DC Solid-State Relay Shield for Arduino

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Asteroid Probe Packs Its Space-Rock Bag for Return to Earth

Laser printing tech produces waterproof e-textiles in minutes


Mbed OS 5.13.4 released

MIPI Procesing with Ultra96

MIT engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

NASA Activates Deep Space Atomic Clock

newelectronics 13 Agosto 2019

Nixie Wrist Watch, 4 Digits V

Physicists create world’s smallest engine

PolyGear OpenSCAD Gear Library

‘Quantum annealer’ shows promise in study

Quantum criticality could be a boon for qubit designers

Quantum radar has been demonstrated for the first time

Self-folding “Rollbot” paves the way for fully untethered soft robots V

Simplify Power Delivery (PD) in Growing USB Type-C™ Charging Market with Two USB-PD Solutions from Microchip

Stanford chemists discover water microdroplets spontaneously produce hydrogen peroxide V

SteamPunk Radio

Studying quantum phenomena in magnetic systems to understand exotic states of matter

The ‘Do More’ Timer, Inspired by Casey Neistat

The MagPI 85

TipTap V

World’s First Quantum Computing Safe Tape Drive

3D printing of silicone components

4-Stroke Digital Clock With Arduino V

A battery-free sensor for underwater exploration V

A laser for penetrating waves

A single-photon source you can make at home

AI Startup Cerebras Develops The Most Powerful Processor In The World

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car V

Arduino Nano Clock with 4x64 LED Matrix

Arduino Sequencer V

Ball Balancing PID System V

Berry Racer - a Game Programmed in Arduino and Played on a Custom PCB V

Boosting computing power for the future of particle physics

Electromagnetic Sensor

Electronic merge: Expanded ion beams light new way for next-generation electronic devices, energy storage, smart homes

EqualAir: Wearable NeoPixel Display Triggered by Air Pollution Sensor V

FlipClock V

Gesture Based Media Player Controller Using Arduino V

Greener, faster and cheaper way to make patterned metals for solar cells and electronics

HackSpace magazine #22

How do atoms vibrate in graphene nanostructures?

How to Make a Mini Oscilloscope at Home Using Arduino Nano V

India’s Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft Snaps Its First Picture of the Moon

InfraRed Robot Controller Shield For Arduino Nano

Intel Expands 10th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor Family, Offering Double Digit Performance Gains V

Lasers Enable Engineers to Weld Ceramics, No Furnace Required

Make Voice Controlled Light Bulb Using Relay and Evive V

Newfound Superconductor Material Could Be the ‘Silicon of Quantum Computers’

Physicists use light flashes to discover, control new quantum states of matter

Playing Chess Against Arduino V

Programming STM32 Based Boards with the Arduino IDE V

Reckless Racer Arduino OLED Game, AdafruitGFX and Bitmaps Basics V

Researchers Develop Materials That Can Revolutionize How Light is Harnessed for Solar Energy

Researchers realize world’s thinnest optical hologram with 2-D material monolayer

SAP-1 Processor Architecture

Scrambled Digits Clock with Alarm V

Smart Electrical Power Analyzer

Stanford builds a heat shield just 10 atoms thick to protect electronic devices

Stanford engineers have developed wireless sensors that stick to the skin to track our health

State-shifter: ‘Smart’ material can switch from soft to hard and back again


Thermochromic Temperature & Humidity Display V

tinyOSD & tinyFINITY – a tiny opensource video tx with full graphic OSD V

Vibration-Minimizing Motion Retargeting for Robotic Characters V

Watching electrons using extreme ultraviolet light

Wearable sensors detect what’s in your sweat V

Wireless Quiz / Game Buzzers

Yet Another Battery Capacity Tester

1963 Pi Tourer Game Console V

2.75” 7-Segment LED Display Counter V

A Guide to Recording 660FPS Video On A $6 Raspberry Pi Camera V

A miniature stretchable pump for the next generation of soft robots V

A Monster Black Hole has been Found with 40 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun

Air Compressor Controller

Alaska Datalogger

Arduino Battleship Game

Arduino OLED Snake Game

Arduino PH Meter

Arduino Watch

Boo Nought (Raffle Device)

Brains trained on e-devices may struggle to understand scientific info

Building RISC-V for the Arty 100T V

Development of Simplified New Mass Spectrometric Technique using Laser and Graphene

DIY Sensitive ADXL335 Earthquake Detector V

E-dice - Arduino Die/dice 1 to 6 Dice + D4, D5, D8, D10, D12, D20, D24 and D30 V

Electromagnetic Interference Detector #phablabs

ESP32-CAM PIR Motion Detector with Photo Capture V

Eureka! Mexican solves physical problem with centuries without solution

Family Photo Frame From Soda Cans V

FossaSat-1, Open Source Satellite V

Guide to Modular Firmware

Heartbeat Sensor #phablabs


How to Make a Chess Clock With Arduino

How to Use I2C EEPROM

Interfacing 16×2 LCD in Raspberry Pi Using Python & Tk Tools

Jupiter just got slammed by something so big we saw it from Earth

Led Matrix Touch Control V

Let’s add a dirt cheap screen to the Raspberry Pi B+

Make Your Own DIY Piano Using IC555! V

Mbed OS 5.13.3 released

MeArm Controlled by Arduino Uno and TTP229-BSF Touchpad

Multi-Colored Glow Resin Engraving With a CNC V

Nanowire arrays could improve solar cells

Persistance of Vision #phablabs

Personal Assistant Robot (Finds Objects and Follows You) Ft. Raspberry Pi + RoboClaw V

Photovoltaic technology to power synaptic- and neuronal-like devices

Printing flattens polymers, improving electrical and optical properties V

Raspberry Pi Quiz Game using the Buzz Controllers

Raspberry Zero Internet Radio

Remote Controlled Computer Desk V

Researchers convert used car batteries into units that could power farms in the developing world

Researchers turn off backscattering, aim to improve optical data transmission

Robotic Arm Game - Smartphone Controller

Schrödinger’s Cat with 20 Qubits

Sharp meets flat in tunable 2D material

Soft Robotic Gripper

Software for Recording Audio Files Into ISD1700 Chips

Supercapacitors turbocharged by laxatives V

Thinnest optical waveguide channels light within just three layers of atoms

Towards a light driven molecular assembler

Vintage Beauty

Virtual ‘Universe Machine’ Sheds Light on Galaxy Evolution

Visible Lisp Computer

Web Weather Forecast Display on ESP8266 and MicroPython

2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors Set New Standard for the Modern Datacenter with Record-Breaking Performance and Significant TCO Savings

4 Bits Binary Counter Up/Down V

A modified device fabrication process achieves enhanced spin transport in graphene

A new concept for self-assembling micromachines

Alibaba sketches world’s ‘fastest’ ‘open-source’ RISC-V processor yet: 16 cores, 64-bit, 2.5GHz, 12nm, out-of-order exec

Arduino Controlled RGB-LED-Lamp #phablabs

Arduino Voltmeter using SH1106 OLED display

Brick a Bottle or Three

Clearing up the ‘dark side’ of artificial leaves

Compact, Convenient, STLINK-V3MINI Debug Probe from STMicroelectronics Accelerates STM32 Application Development

Computer-aided knitting V

Custom Bartop Arcade Cabinet V

Disco Band Camp Jacket V

Emergency Micro Powerbank

ESP8266 Network Clock Without Any RTC | Nodemcu NTP Clock No RTC | INTERNET CLOCK PROJECT V

GENIAC (Electric Brain) Replica V

GRBL CNC Shield + Z Axis servo MIGRBL V

Heavy Bass and Treble Circuit

How to Build an Adjustable Switching Power Supply Using LM2576 V

How to Build Your Own NRF24L01+pa+lna Module

How to Install CH340 Drivers

Hyundai launches first car with solar roof charging system

IoT Moon Lamp

Is your Supercomputer Stumped? There May Be a Quantum Solution

LED Brightness Control Using Bolt IoT and Python V

Making a Great LED Triangle V

Microchip Enters Memory Infrastructure Market with Serial Memory Controller for High-performance Data Center Computing


New synthesis method opens up possibilities for organic electronics

Next-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to Deliver Breakthrough Platform Performance with up to 56 Processor Cores

PYNQ Controlled NeoPixel LED Cube V

Quantum entanglement in chemical reactions? Now there’s a way to find out

Quantum interferometry demonstrated in silicon at more practical temperatures

“Qutrit” Experiments Are a First in Quantum Teleportation

Rice device channels heat into light

Scientists create the world’s thinnest gold

Scientists look to synthetic biology and 3-D printing for life support in space

Simple Arduino Timer Switch V

SpaceX’s Mars-Colonizing ‘Starship’ Prototype Coming Together in Texas

SunTracker 2 Revision 3

Synthesizing Single-Crystalline Hexagonal Graphene Quantum Dots

Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots

The TCP Packet Badge V

This designer clothing lets users turn on electronics while turning away bacteria

Toshiba Memory Unveils New Technology for Removable NVMe Memory Devices with Groundbreaking Size to Performance Ratio

Wireless LED Cube Light V

XFM Synthesizer V

Xpedit - Atmosphere Monitoring Device for Hiking and Trekking

3D printable 2D materials based inks show promise to improve energy storage devices

500 LEDs Wall With ESP32 V

63 dB step attenuator

A high-performance battery for renewable energy storage

AC Electrical Circuits - Laboratory Manual

AC Electrical Circuits Workbook

An autonomous robot EV charger is coming to San Francisco

Arduino Bluetooth Bingo Display for the Hearing Impaired

Arduino DCF77 Analyzer Clock MK2 V

Arduino Gyroscope Game with MPU-6050 V

At the Heart of Innovation V

BigFDM: Open Source, Large Scale 3D Printer

Circulating Self Watering Vertical Planter

Computer Programming with Python™ and Multisim™ / 3E - Laboratory Manual

Contact Lenses That Can Change Focus and Zoom When You Blink Move Closer to Reality

Cyberpunk Multi-Sensor for Security V

DC Electrical Circuits: Laboratory Manual

DC Electrical Circuits Workbook

Digitizing and replicating the world of materials V

DIY Home Energy Monitor: ESP32 + CT Sensors + Emonlib V

DIY Spectrometer

EBike Power Meter

E.D.I.T.H. Glasses V

Embedded Controllers Using C and Arduino / 2E - Laboratory Manual

ESP32 Robot Using Servos

Etch a Selfie V

First-ever visualisations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure could lead to longer-lasting devices

How to Capture Waste Heat Energy with Improved Polymers

Improving Efficiency, Brightness of Perovskite LEDs

Intel Launches First 10th Gen Intel Core Processors: Redefining the Next Era of Laptop Experiences

Intro to Sewing Circuits for Schools V

Introducing Megapack: Utility-Scale Energy Storage

JumpMan Game Arduino HD44780 I2c V

Light Probe MK I

LightSail 2 Spacecraft Successfully Demonstrates Flight by Light

Looking inside a 1970s PROM chip that stores data in microscopic fuses

Lowering emissions without breaking the bank

Mbed OS 5.13.2 released

MidTBot ESP32 V

New quantum phenomena helps to understand fundamental limits of graphene electronics

New research highlights similarities in the insulating states of twisted bilayer graphene and cuprates

Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits: Theory and Application - Laboratory Manual/3E

P5 LED Panel With Raspberry Pi V

Perovskite oxide shows potential for cleaner green energy

Physicists discover family members of Schrödinger’s cat

Physicists Make Graphene Discovery that Could Help Develop Superconductors

Programmable Seven Segment LED Tester is complete V

Quantum computers to clarify the connection between the quantum and classical worlds

Quantum uncertainty helps solve an old problem

Research team develops technology for creating flexible sensors on topographic surfaces

Researchers produce electricity by flowing water over extremely thin layers of metal

RG LED Tic Tac Toe V

Rotary dial phone for your webbrowser V

Rs485 Arduino And Industrial Distance Sensor V

Science of Sound - Laboratory Manual

Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application - Laboratory Manual

Semiconductor Devices: Theory & Application

Simple RFID Scanner Battery Powered (MiFare, MFRC522, Oled, Lipo, TP4056) V

Soft Wearable Health Monitor Uses Stretchable Electronics V

Stanford camera can watch moving objects around corners V

Stanford researchers develop technology to harness energy from mixing of freshwater and seawater


Supercomputers use graphics processors to solve longstanding turbulence question

switchBox V

Taking the Quantum Leap!

Technician keeps computer made in 1959 still humming along

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE and BLE Sense are officially available!

The Guide I Wished I Had on Building an Arduino Drone V

The Hangry Angler: How to Build Super Lo-Fi Sensors V

The Milky Way in three dimensions V

This deep neural network fights deepfakes

Travelling Towards a Quantum Internet at Light Speed

Ultra-thin Layers of Rust Generate Electricity from Flowing Water

Unsafe Noise Level Alert System V

Watch a lightweight glove allow users to ‘feel’ objects in virtual reality V

Weather Based Music Generator (ESP8266 Based Midi Generator) V

Work Logger - Log Your Daily Work with a Turn of a Knob