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A badge that features an entire TCP packet design with funky LED show and an “Internet Explorer” mode that slows all of it down.

The Design
I was asked by NotSoSecure to think of a badge that makes TCP packets cool and was offered brownie points if there’s cool functionality to it.

We had the badge idea instantly to round the TCP packet with LEDs and put 8 colourful LEDs in the middle to denote Xmas attack. Initially, we considered the development with only few ICs and basic components. But as we started the development, we realised it’d be much cooler if badge has ability to reprogram. And thus, we rewrote entire schematics with ATmega8A at its heart. And also made a remote for event organisers that triggers the set of Xmas attack LEDs for special event access (crazy NotSoSober parties).

So once we fixed on a simple yet elegant design, we experimented with few badge colour combinations.”

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