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Electromagnetic Sensor

A simple electromagnetic sensor to measure current induced by a moving magnetic field!

Move a magnet over a wire and you’ll create an electric current! A very small electric current, but all you need to do to increase the amount of current is add more wire*! One of the simplest ways to do this is to create a coil of wire.

This is the basic phenomenon that enables motors, speakers, and microphones to work! We can also use it as a sensor to measure changes in movement, which is a handy way to build a do-it-yourself seismograph!

For educators, this project is a great way for students to explore, test, and discover the connections between electricity and magnetism.

* More formally speaking: A moving magnetic field causes an electric current to flow through conductive material.

**You can also move the magnet faster and/or get a bigger magnet to increase the amount of current generated.”

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