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IoT Moon Lamp

In this instructable I show how to convert a simple battery powered LED lamp into an IoT device.

This project includes:

programming ESP8266 with Arduino IDE;
making android application with MIT App Inventor.
The object of interest is this moon shaped lamp I bought from gearbest. But really this tutorial can be adapted to any low DC voltage device (AC powered devices require additional circuitry).

Android smartphone (android versions 7-9 tested).
Soldering tools.
Prototyping PCB (protoboard).
ESP-12E board (or other devboard with ESP8266 microcontroller).
USB-serial converter for programming.
Several different values of passive components (resistors and capacitors).
(Optional. See “Block Diagram” section)

3.3V@500mA LDO IC.
3.3V-5V logic level converter board.
5V DC power supply.”

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