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Merry belayed Christmas and a happy new year everyone. I know, I am running a tiny bit late. My original plan was to release the tinyOSD and tinyFINITY sources ready for Christmas but then the usual things got into the way and I had to postpone this post. But here it is: I am releasing my sources of my custom full graphic OSD with insane update rates to the world. But that’s not all! I am also releasing a custom 16x16mm VTX design that includes all the hardware to run the tinyOSD firmware on it. But let’s step back and let me tell you what this is all about. But be warned, this is going to be a very long post…

The basic idea
Some time ago I got annoyed by the available OSD solutions and I started to look for alternatives. Nowadays small micro controllers are fast enough and include fancy features like DMA so that the OSD generation can be handled in software. I selected a STM32F3 due to the availability in small packages and the necessary features I needed and got working. In May 2017 I posted a first preview of my tinyOSD development on my blog. That time it was running on a tiny PCB and was meant to be inserted between your camera and video transmitter. I got up to a point where I had integrated full communication into a modified betaflight firmware and could do all kinds of fancy animations”

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