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Wireless Quiz / Game Buzzers

This is an Arduino based remote buzzer system. Larger display can be a PC connected camera focused on the base station, then to a projector. Or using a phone camera to PC/other device via the Internet. We’re due to build software to directly display on PC, keep track of scoring, timer, etc.

We are making available (open sourcing) most of the build data such that anyone needing such a system can make it or get it made. And get existing systems repaired / modified easily. Scroll down for the code, circuit diagrams, Fusion360 files, STL files, Cura profiles (settings) and G-Codes for 3D printing the enclosures. Any questions, additions, modifications, suggestions and advice are welcome. Features yet to be implemented are custom PCBs using individual components, a four position switch to set the buzzer unit’s number, battery indication light, charging ports, and a carrying case.

If you are interested in ordering such a system from us, kindly send an e-mail to < >. We also make it in easy-to-build kit form. Since this project is not yet complete and in need of a host of optimizations, you will have to wait. Or use a temporary stable version until the updated version is shipped. You have to specify number of buzzers, colours, range, battery life and any additions or customization like ability to answer multiple choice questions via A-B-C-D buttons on the buzzer unit. You can also specify if you want it made easy to reprogram.

Many Thanks to all who made this project possible. Google, the Arduino Project - Community - Forum, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Hackaday, Ultimaker, Prusa Research, Mr. Andreas Spiess, Dave Jones [EEVBlog], Mike Dane [Giraffe Academy], Thomas Sanladerer, many great online data banks, repositories, tutorials and forums. Special Thanks to [maniacbug] and [TMRh20] for the excellent RF24 library which this project hinges on. Avishay Orpaz for the TM1637 display library - it works like a charm. Immense gratitude towards the PlatformIO project and Microsoft’s VSCode, it’s amazing. Thanks are due to Dr. Annappa Kamath, Quizmaster Extraordinaire of Mangalore for commissioning this project, his patience and support. The enclosures wouldn’t have been possible without Autodesk’s Fusion360. Excellent software, works like magic. Cloud base makes it perform well even on lower end and older systems. A big Thank You to them for their initial free license program.”

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