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Yet Another Battery Capacity Tester

Why one more capacity tester
I read through a lot of different tester build instructions but none of them seem to fit my needs. I wanted to be able to test also more than just singe NiCd/NiMH or Lion cells. I wanted to be able to test a power tool battery without taking it to part first. So, I decided to have a closer look on the matter and design one of my own. One thing leads to another and I finally decided to write an instructable myself. I also decided not to go in all the details of how to actually build the tester because everyone can decide on certain choices like what size resistor to use or if a PCB is needed or is Veroboard enough and there is also a ton on instructables how to install eagle or how to make a PCB. In other words, I will concentrate on the schematics and the code and how to calibrate the tester.”

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