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HamMessenger is a portable, battery powered device that runs on a microcontroller and interfaces with an inexpensive ham radio to send and receive text messages and provide position updates using the APRS protocol. Messages and position updates sent via HamMessenger can be viewed on sites such as HamMessenger messages are NOT encrypted!

HamMessenger is intended to be used by licensed ham radio operators. For more information you can check out the ARRL website.

The goal of the HamMessenger project is to create a device that uses ham radio as a medium for sending and receiving text messages. HamMessenger exists also to promote amateur radio, electronics, and programming. The project is currently in a beta prototyping stage but does function quite well.

At the core of the the project is the MicroAPRS modem created by markqvist. The primary controller is an Arduino Mega 2560 with the MicroAPRS Modem running on an Arduino Pro Mini. HamMessenger includes GPS functionality supplied by a Neo-6M GPS radio. For peripherals, an M5Stack CardKB keyboard is used for input and an SSD1106 Oled display for output.”

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