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Isolated High Power DC Solid-State Relay Shield for Arduino

Isolated high power Mosfet DC solid state relay shield allows you to control high current DC load in switching or PWM control mode. The project can be used in wide verity of applications like DC-DC Converters, inverters, DC motor control, solenoid, LED Dimmer, battery chargers and it can control inductive and resistive loads. On board high current fast recovery diode across the load provided for back EMF protection. The board can control load up to 25A with input supply up to 48V DC. High voltage DC input supply up to 90V is possible by altering DC bus capacitor voltage. Input PWM frequency up to 100 KHz duty cycle 0-100%. Mosfet power driver is isolated from Gate driver input. Gate driver circuitry requires 15V DC. Load supply 15V to 48V DC. Jumper J1 helps to use common supply for Arduino and gate driver. Screw terminal CN3 helps to connect load supply and load. Anode of gate driver connected to D3-PWM pin of Arduino to feed PWM signal or ON/OFF. P1 Potentiometer connected to Analog pin A0 of Arduino to adjust the PWM. Higher current Mosfets can be used to get more output current. Gate input requires TTL level signal.”

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