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The Sweeperino a very useful Arduino based test instrument. It is the following:
A very stable, low noise signal generator from 4 MHz to 160 MHz without any spurs
A high precision power meter with 90 db with 0.2db resolution
A sweeper that can be your antenna analyzer, plot your crystal or band pass filter through the PC
It fits in your jacket
It can be assembled in an evening.
Costs about $50 in new parts.

Circuit Description
The circuit consists of three very simple blocks
An Arduino. I used Arduino Nano board though any Arduino board will do. If you don’t know what an Arduino is, look around the Internet. The Arduino is connected to a commonly available 16 characters by 2 line LCD display and a tuning knob to tune the frequency
The Si570. The Si570 is a spurs free, low noise programmable IC from Silicon Labs. Though slightly more expensive than the DDS, it is easily soldered by hand. We use the excellent Si570 library written by Thomas Sarlandie from Github (
W7ZOI power meter. The W7ZOI designed power meter based on AD8307 that is read by the Arduino.”

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