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Automatic irrigation and plant watering system

The watering system using Arduino and soil moisture sensor. Also, we can control the water supply automatically through this system.

In this project, we will build an automatic plant watering system using a soil moisture sensor and Arduino. The soil moisture sensor will be used to measure the moisture level in the soil and the Arduino will be used to control the watering system.

Required material
- Arduino Nano* 1
- Soil Moisture sensor * 1
- 5v relay module * 1
- Mini water pump with small pipe * 1
- Connecting wires
- 16x2 LCD

In this project, we employ the use of a Moisture sensor to monitor and maintain the optimal moisture levels for your plants. With this automated system, you can bid farewell to worries about plant survival during your absence. It’s equally suitable for both outdoor gardens and indoor plants, allowing you to care for your leafy companions wherever they may be.”

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