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Arduino Nano Chess Clock

Have you also been pulled into the world of chess, after it got extremelypopular? Either way it got me the inspiration to make this digital chess clock, powered by an Arduino Nano, and displayed using a LCD display.

The clock can be powered by 5V from three AAA batteries making it portable, or 5V directly from a micro usb cable, with at least 1.5A, for those longer games.

In this guide I will show you how I build it and how you can too.


- An Arduino Nano and a compatible USB cable with data lines
- A 16x2 or 16x1 LCD display (Can be I2C, but not required)
- 3x 90 angle push buttons
- 1x 90 angle 2-way switch
- 4x 220 Ω Resistors
- Short jumper cables/wires
- Copper foil tape
- 4x 5mm magnets
- 8x 5mm standoffs with nuts and screws
- A bit of superglue
- Optional:
- 3x AAA batteries and SMD AAA battery holders
- Micro USB breakout board
- Female and male pin headers

- 3D-printer
- Soldering iron and solder
- Wire-cutter
- A Phillips Head Screwdriver
- A Computer
- Optional:
- PCB-holder and/or a third helping hand”

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