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Gardening in the modern age means making things more complicated and arduous, with electrons, bits, and bytes. Combining microcontrollers and gardening is a really popular idea. I think that’s because gardens have very simple inputs and outputs that are easy to wrap your head around. I guess people (myself included) see a notoriously simple and relaxed hobby and can’t help but feel compelled to overcomplicate it.

In this project I will show you how to build a simpler version of Indoor garden using Arduino Dev board.

I’m providing a full step-by-step guidance to show you how to make your own beautiful garden, and I’m explaining in details both hardware and software parts in order to turn this guidance the simplest way that leads you to try your own skills in electronic making. This project is so handy to make specially after getting the customized PCB that we’ve ordered from JLCPCB to improve the appearance of our car and also there is enough documents and codes in this guide to allow you create your automatic garden system.

We’ve made this project in just 7 days only, just three days to finish the hardware making and the assemble, then 4 days to prepare the code and the android app. in order to control the garden through it. Before starting let’s see first”

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