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Campable helps you find the perfect spot to pitch your tent while protecting you from increasingly erratic weather!

Weather around the world seems to be getting more extreme and more unpredictable, with 2019 setting myriad extreme weather records. So what are people who still wish to be able to enjoy the great outdoors to do? Enter Campable - the Internet of Tents! Thanks to Particle’s 3rd generation of IoT hardware and its compatibility with Adafruit’s Feather Specification, creating cloud-enabled sensors to help monitor our environment is easier than ever!

Getting Started
The Particle Argon Kit comes with everything you need to get started, and you can find a handy setup guide in the Argon Quick Start. Once you’re comfortable blinking LEDs, the real fun can begin! Particle Build lets you get started right away, with a powerful web-based IDE, cloud compiler, and OTA updates - but a full-blown local IDE experience is also possible via Particle Workbench - available as a standalone app, or as an extension pack if you already have Visual Studio Code.”

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