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ESP32 Robot Using Servos

I have been experimenting using different ESP32 development boards, recently I ordered of the TTGO T-Beam variety which come with a Battery socket to add your own 18650 Lipo, this really takes some of the power regulation complexity out of building a small robot, as it has the battery and charger circuit in place already.
However to directly drive something from this board it needed something low powered, so I decided to add some continuous rotation servos I have had for a while.
The ESP32 board I used here has a lot of functionality including Lora radio and GPS, which may be useful in the future, but you can get ESP32 boards without these extras which make the board a bit smaller and still come with the 18650 battery holder.
So let’s start talking about the build.
Supplies:4 x Continuous rotation Servos
4 x Wheels that fit on the Servos
1 x strip of 5 x Neopixels if you want to add them.
1 x ESP32 with ideally built in rechargeable battery, or an ESP32 with an external battery.
I bought mine from Lilygo Aliexpress which shipped way quicker than I expected the one i used can be found here
1 x Small piece of perspex, that can be cut and drilled to form chassis.
1 x small piece of veroboard
some wire, and I used a mini jst socket as a connector, but this could just be soldered.
4 x Servo Headers, so you can just plug the servos in to the connector veroboard
Some plastic circuit board standoffs.”

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