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Making the glasses from Spider-Man: Far From Home almost real!

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
So in Far From Home Peter gets the torch passed onto him from Stark via some super AR glasses that allow him to see real time data and call in all sorts of super Stark Industries gear. As soon as I saw these in the film I knew I needed to do a project on them so as soon as possible I got my hands on the glasses from eBay and got to work on plans and parts.

Lets go.

It’s storing energy from the earth’s core!

Make aesthetically accurate EDITH Glasses from Far From Home/IW.
Make it display to the users eye and have speech rec capability.
Have it do some cool things.
Even Dead, I’m The Hero.

EDITH Glasses
Pi Zero W
Powerboost 500c
Lipoly battery 1200mah
Pi Zero Camera
128×32 display
OTG Shim
USB Sound Card
PS4 Earbud
Micro SD Card
Biconvex lens
Electrical tape
Blu Tack”

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