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ESP32 small robot dog is my attempt to make quadruped dog that become very popular after Boston Dynamics Spot. Work on the project still in progress and hardware and software can changed.


- Only ESP32 required (you don’t need additional PWM i2c, Bluetooth modules, etc)
- Arduino IDE
- Web based interface with telemetry, to control robot you will need just you smartphone or tablet
- CLI interface for calibration and debug
- True Inverse kinematics code
- Configurable Gait sequence and settings (just if you need it)
- Fun


- 1 x ESP32 with 38pin
- 1 x 50x70 mm green prototyping board
- 12 x TowerPro MG90D servos (it can be tricky to use other servos, as size may vary)
- 1 x INA219 (optional)
- 1 x MPU9250 (optional, still has not been implemented, WIP)
- 3 x Mini360 (DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module) or similar, 2 for front/hind legs (or more), 1 for ESP32
- 1 x 18650 Battery Holder for 2 elements (try to find “18650 battery holder smt”)
- some capacitors

Other parts

- 8 x 8x12x2.5mm bearings
- 4 x small cable ties
- Super glue (cyanoacrylate) to glue all parts together”

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